In-wall Room Divider Reef Tank


Aqua FX Aquariums has established itself as a premier designer for professional, commercial and residential custom aquariums of all types and sizes.  We have the experience, knowledge and resources to create your dream aquarium.


Aqua FX Aquariums has an experienced staff that will manage and oversee the entire installation process for your new aquarium.  We ensure that your installation is smooth and creates only a minimal interruption to your business or home.

Saltwater Fish Tank Cleaning in Michigan


Aqua FX Aquariums provides complete aquarium service and maintenance for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums in Southeast Michigan. Our professional aquarists will create a custom plan to ensure the aesthetic beauty of your aquarium and to provide a healthy environment for its inhabitants.


Aqua FX Aquariums can relocate or transport nearly any size system within our service area.  Our goals are safety and efficiency.  We have the knowledge and experience to apply special care to ensure a safe and clean move.  Whether the aquarium is moving to the office next door or across town, we can help.


We will work with your architects, contractors, and engineers from the planning stages through the installation to ensure everyone is on the same page and the desired results are obtained efficiently and effectively.