All aquariums require some level of maintenance. The degree to which your aquarium is maintained has a direct effect upon the health of its inhabitants as well as the beauty of the display. We design a maintenance program to fit the specific needs of each client. With weekly, biweekly, or monthly service we insure your aquarium and its inhabitants receive the care they need and deserve.


Aquarium service is our business, not a sideline. Because we don’t operate a retail store, we can offer a greater variety of services to our clients. We’re an aquarium store on wheels! Our customers never have to go out to purchase aquarium supplies. We supply a full line of acrylic and glass aquariums, high-end filtration systems, aquarium supplies and fish food.


Our trucks carry a supply of pre-mixed reverse osmosis saltwater. Tap water is full of impurities and toxins which are very detrimental to the health of your fish and invertebrates. This is why we go the extra mile and purify the water we use with an industrial reverse osmosis purification system. We only use ultra pure water and the highest quality salt mixes to perform water changes in both our fish only and reef aquariums.



Fish are what aquariums are all about, and we take exceptional steps to provide the best quality livestock for our customers! All fish are acclimated and quarantined prior to being stocked in our customer's aquariums. Our fish are hand picked from various sources, offering a variety of species, sizes and colors, always keeping in mind their ability to thrive in aquarium life.


Maintaining your aquarium’s health and cleanliness is the most important way to ward off any uprising issues.  We provide the most thorough maintenance on every single visit by assessing the following:

  • Water Quality (At least 20% change, along with testing water parameters)
  • Water Temperature
  • Water Flow
  • Fish Health (Diseases can occur in ANY aquarium)
  • Aquascape Cleaning/Stability
  • Lighting
  • Substrate Cleaning
  • Removing Unwanted Algae
  • Acrylic/Glass Cleanliness
  • Filtration Cleaning
  • Livestock Arranging for Proper Light/Flow
  • Leaving Surrounding Area Cleaner Than it was Before Maintenance Started
  • Addressing ANY Client Questions/Concerns
  • Cleaning Tall Aquarium